The Sound of Silence

The following post was written by Kikita.

The Damas en Blanco (Ladies in White) held their demonstration in Havana one week after my abuela, Luza, and I had returned from our trip. Most of the members of my big, fat, Cuban family have all expressed the relief they feel that Luza and I were not in Havana when everything happened. As one who likes to be right in the middle of everything, I admit I was a little bummed out. I would love to have been there with Las Damas en Blanco, but it was not my fate.

I've already shared about how, while I was in Cuba, I had to keep quiet. How there were things I "did not" see. I think that SILENCE has become one of the most powerful weapons of the evil (c)astro regime. The people are silent because of their fear, but some voices will not be silenced. 

Prisoners of Conscience  

How do you fight silence? 

How can you bring forth change if no one can hear what is not being said?

You fight fire with fire . . . and silence with silence.

I don't think I ever fully realized how deafening silence could be until I experienced it this past Sunday in Echo Park. Thousands of Cubans, that had been cheering just moments before, marched in SILENCE.

Marching with luza  

And now, finally, "El mundo esta escuchando!" (The world is listening.) ~Huber Matos

The world is hearing the sound of our silence.

Sound of silence