The Mother Ring Revisited - A Giveaway

My mother has a beautiful "Mother Ring." If you don't know what that is, it's a ring with a stone that represents the birth stone of each child in the family. Click on this link to read that story.

I have always thought that I wanted one. You know, one that represents each of my kids. But I already have my mom's ring, so I have been wanting something of my own. But what?

A few weeks ago my dearest friend in the whole wide world sent me an updated version of The Mother Ring. (Because "ring" - get it?)


First, let me tell you a little about my friend (my BFF!), Pandora - her close friends call her Pam. She's funny and smart and the most caring person you would ever want to know. I've known and loved her for the past 40 years, which is pretty much a lifetime, isn't it? 

She won't mind me telling you that she has MS and that some days are better for her and some are worse. On her good days she can be found making jewelry in her little workshop. 

Check out her Facebook page: Pandora Lee Originals

Anyway, back to the Mother Ring. Here's what's on the other side of those little bars:


She stamped each of my kids' names and the year of their birth on each one and attached each of their birthstones. I was surprised to find five instead of just four. That's when I realized she had added my grandson, Asher. I'm seriously in love.

Amy, my first-born arrived in June of 1983 and is my Pearl of Great Price. Perfect and beautiful.

Adam was born in July of 1986. The red garnet is his stone. He's my crazy-making, passionate one.

Lucy came to us in August of 1993. Represented by the peridot, which is bright and rare.

Jon was born in December of 1995. The blue stone is Tanzanite. Unique and interesting.

Asher, our grandson was born in August of 2014. Another peridot, but in a smaller package. 

Could I be any more in love with a piece of jewelry? It's such an elegant piece and absolutely one-of-a-kind. 

It hangs on a long 20" silver chain and I've worn it pretty much every single day since I received it. I lovingly caress the bars and play with them throughout my day as I send up prayers for each one daily. It has become a talisman of the bond I have with each of them and also reminds me to bring each of their names and cares before God. 

I have ooh-ed and aah-ed over this piece so much to Pam until I have finally succeeded in talking my very generous friend into letting me offer a giveaway on my blog for one of these gorgeous custom pieces for one lucky reader, just in time for Mother's Day.

So let's do a comment drawing shall we?


What you will receive if you are the lucky winner:

One custom made silver charm holder, exactly like mine, with the names and birthdates of each of your kids engraved on silver bars, along with each of their birthstones. 

To enter the drawing for a chance to win your own custom made "Mother Ring" like the one pictured above, please leave me a comment on this post and tell me...

  • How many kids do you have?
  • What are their names and birthdays?

I will choose ONE lucky winner on Monday, April 27th, 2014 at 11am PST.

Thanks so much for reading my blog and best of luck!

I am not receiving any compensation for this post. In fact, I've purchased the custom jewelry from Pandora Lee Originals to offer as a giveaway gift to one of my readers. The opinions are also my own.