The Good Mother

Like every other mother I know and like all those emails that get passed around this time of year, I've done my share.
I have wiped my share of runny noses.
And changed innumerable diapers.
I have had the amazing experience of feeding a hungry baby and rocking them to sleep.
I have attended hundreds of rehearsals, productions, and plays.
I have starved colds, and fed fevers. (Or is it feed a cold, and starve a fever? Never mind, that's not important right now.)
Like every other mother, I have been awakened countless times during the night.
I have held sick children and had them throw up on me.
I have "waited up" until late at night.
I have been the Chief Enforcement Officer of the Seatbelt and Sunscreen Police. =D
I have cooked my share of meals and packed my share of lunches.
Just like every other mother I know, I have done most of these things without thanks or complaint.
(at least not out loud. =D)

But none of this makes me a Good Mother.
But, I will say that as I look around me and recognize that most of the women I have the privilege to know are Very Good Mothers.
And I sincerely hope I fall into The Good Mother category.
But really, when it comes down to it, there are only four people whose vote in this category matters and whose lives will reflect whether I've done my job well or not.
They are the reason I get to enjoy this job title in the first place...

And honestly, they're the only ones whose opinion really matters to me today.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Good Mothers!