She's a Grand Old Flag

So, we're on our Beach Vacation. That's code for Marta-is-doing-nothing-but-eating-and-sitting-in-the-sun-thankyouverymuch. ;-)

Our home away from home is exactly 238 steps from the sand and we've been enjoying every minute of sunshine and surf and major do-nothingness.

Beach at Del Mar 

But the beach here at Del Mar is a bit quirky.

First of all, there are flags with codes to let you know where it's safe to swim and to surf and where you are allowed to play.

Here's the all-important key to the Del Mar Flag Facts:

Flag facts 

Here's the Red-No-Swimming-But-You-May-Play-Beach-Games Flag next to the Yellow-With-Black-Dot-No-Surfing-and-No-Beach-Games Flag:

No surfing flag

And here's a sample of the Surfing/Guarded-Navy-Beach Street Flag:

20th street

This one was not listed on the sign, but it's the famous The-Darbys-Are-On-The-Beach Flag.


Yes, we do have waaaay too much time on our hands. But isn't that what vacation is all about? =D