Sharing life.


That's how many steps it takes us to walk from our front door to our next-door neighbor's door.

Twenty-five steps.

And we walk those twenty-five steps dozens of times during the week (sometimes during one day, but that's not important right now).

Debbie ( the mom): "We made homemade enchiladas. Come for dinner."

Me: "I made arroz con pollo tonight. Can you bring a salad?"

Rafe (the dad): "Can we borrow an onion, some butter and a roll of paper towels?"

Our kids love each other. Their two oldest daughters are part of our regular Sunday Improv group.  They totally love introducing each other to classic movies.

Lucy babysits for their two youngest.

Eric and Rafe are great friends.

We share a meal every Friday evening, taking turns cooking.  The kids and the parents split up afterward, so we can talk about what's really happening in our lives.  They are friends, confidants, role models. When our two families are all together there are TWELVE (!) of us.

And so it goes.  We share community life at its finest. Organically. Not contrived. We just LOVE these people.

Me: "Rafe, it's my mom's birthday! Can you please come take pictures of my family?" 
(He just happens to be a FABULOUS photographer. Do I lead a charmed life, or what??)

So we take those twenty-five steps. Back and forth. Back and forth. Feeding. Helping. Borrowing stuff. Listening to each other. Driving together. Making plans. Watching movies.

Their kids: "We're making homemade pizzas tonight, Darbys. Come over at 5:30." 

The MYOP (make-your-own-pizza) was a particularly fun time. The best part of it was that it was completely spontaneous.
Make-your-own Pizzas


Trader Joe's herb (pre-made) pizza dough
Trader Joe's pizza sauce

Assorted Cheeses:

shredded mild cheddar, jack, monterey, swiss, parmesan and mozzarella
Pizza toppings 
Assorted toppings:
Buffalo mozzarella cheese slices
Cooked chicken
Fresh tomatoes
Fresh diced garlic
Fresh basil
olive oil

Cook in a 450 degree (hot!) oven.
Cut the pizzas into small slices so that everyone can have a taste.  =D

Everyone gets at least half a pizza to add their own blend of toppings to.
Pizza tops

The amazing variety  of pizzas. (The green and white one - pesto and chicken - was to die for!)
Pizzas in oven

Add a big spinach salad and it becomes a MEAL.
Pizza -finished

And it occurs to me that as we go back and forth between our two homes, taking those twenty-five steps each way, making homemade pizzas together that we're not just sharing food, we're sharing LIFE

Thanks, Guajardos!  You make our lives SWEET.

Do you have neighbors that are like family?  Tell me.