She is completely present when she speaks to you. That is, unless she's spacing out.

She has lots of great ideas. But isn't always willing to share them.

She is beautifully feminine. And yet, she holds her own with the big boys.

She wants to do everything, go everywhere, experience it all! Except for when she just wants to be left alone, thankyouverymuch.

She plays the piano beautifully and with incredible ease. Unless she chooses to rock out on the electric guitar.

She's smart and completely driven. But sometimes she is not sure exactly what she wants.

She's articulate and a brilliant communicator. Yet is just as comfortable and fluent in Lolcat speak. ("I can has cheez burger?"  ;-)

This amazingly enigmatic creature is seventeen years old today.

Lucy 1 

And I feel completely lucky to have a front row seat to The Lucy Show.

Happy Birthday, Loop!

Seventeen becomes you.