Pretty Fly for a White Guy

Salsa_dance He took the salsa lessons because he knows how much I love to dance - it was his idea. Not only did he take the lessons, he took me to dinner (Cuban food, what else?) and then dancing. Like a real "old school" date.  This particular Cuban restaurant is in Huntington Beach.  It's called Habana Cabana. On Fridays & Saturdays they have salsa dancing to the music of  Masacote. (notice he's wearing a guayabera, too.)

The man has many qualities to recommend him, but, that he went so far out of his comfort zone for me tells me just about all I need to know about how much he cares for me. He was born and raised here in Southern California in a lovely non-latino home. And now he finds himself playing the straight man. I am the one with the hair-brained schemes. He plays Ricky Ricardo to my Lucy.  (Amy would probably be my Ethel. =D)

And here he is salsa dancing and having a great time. So it doesn't quite come naturally, in fact, he has to count a little. But he's out there. And he put himself out there for me.

So when he is counting, "5..6..7..8.." what I hear is: "I love being married to you."