My Creative Process....

"Ladies and Gentlemen, make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened and place your tray tables in the locked upright position." "We're ready for take off!"

Someone was asking about my creative process.  As if it might be something easy to describe.

I have to look at something for a long time before ideas begin to pop into my head. I call it "stewing."  When I"m stewing it appears to others that I"m just distracted.  I start flipping madly through magazines and books.  Make that a little A.D.H.D.   I start sketching. Because once I get an idea, it comes in color and layers. I surf the internet like Eddie Aikau. "Marta would Go!" (apologies for the random surfer reference there - I'm a little ADD, remember?)   I change and stew and sketch over my previous sketches.  And I make everyone around me crazy.

Thanksgivingsketch I have put the finishing touches on my Thanksgiving Dinner invitations. They are ready to go out now.  I began with a simple pencil sketch.  But once I start sketching I start to get energy. I begin to "see" the finished piece.  Helen is the mastermind behind the actual cooking.  Steve is going to fry the bird.  I'll bet they don't have to refer to a sketch to finish their tasks. 

I don't know if any other families send out invitations for regular events. We send invitations for EVERYTHING.

I love that about my family.  Everything becomes AN EVENT.  So now that it's November, we are preparing to host about 35 to 40 people in our tiny home for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It might be a little tight, but I swear it's going to be wonderful. There's nothing we like more than a reason to get together.  A reason. And invitations. And lots of food. And games! There must be games. Look out. IT'S LOOKING LIKE A PARTY!  We are warm and hospitable people. We're Cuban, for goodness sake!  There's always room for more.

I might be having another Rachael Ray moment.

And to think it all started with a pencil sketch.

Does anyone else have elaborate plans for Thanksgiving? Please share.

(PS. I wrote this specifically because Lucy asked me to explain the process - there you go, Loop! Did we just have a homeschooling moment?)