My Mom is 101

I keep repeating it to myself and to anyone who will listen.

"My mom is one-hundred-and-one." 

It's not the number of years that strikes me as odd. It's the amount of life still left in her at 101.

"My mom is one-hundred-and-one."

I try to explain to people what she is like. What it's like to have a 101 year old mother. But it doesn't quite translate. Because my mom is A Character.

She still (at 101!) has a great sense of humor. 

The following photos were taken at my house on Nochebuena, just two short months ago. I wanted to make sure I had photos of my mom with all of her grandchildren. Because posterity.

I tried to get them to pose portraity-style. Because their grandmother is 101, after all.

But it's Luza. 

Luza and girls 7

"Make the ooh face, Abuela."

Luza and girls 8

No portraits for her. *sigh*

Luza and kids 2

And they love her for it.

Luza and girls 3

She's 101, people. (Maybe if I keep repeating it, it will sink it.)

Luza and girls 5

She certainly doesn't act her age. But I don't know if that's right, because I don't know anyone else who's 101.

Luza and girls 4

But I suspect that the secret to her longevity is held in these pictures of her with the ones she loves most. The not-portraity, make-this-face, smile-don't-smile, wear-this-hat photos.

Luza and girls 2 

She's one-hundred-and-one.

Luza and girls 6

And refuses to grow up.

Luza and kids 1

"My mom is one-hundred-and-one."

And she genuinely knows how to squeeze every ounce of fun out of life.

What a gift.

Luza is 101

Felicidades, Mami. Que Dios te bendiga.