Movie Review: Big Hero 6

A few weeks ago Eric and I had the good fortune to enjoy a pre-screening of the newest Disney Animation film, Big Hero 6

Because we live a few area codes away from Burbank, where the Walt Disney Animation Studio is located, we turned it into a Road Trip/Date Night. 


First of all, let me say that I had no preconception of the movie, nor did I quite get the extent of the plot from watching the trailers. I knew it was about a young braniac teen named Hiro and a big, fluffy, inflatable robot named Baymax.


Truthfully, I couldn't conceive how they could construct a compelling story around these two unlikely "heroes." 

As soon as the story begins to unfold in the streets of San Fransokyo, every one of my emotions was immediately engaged. 

The animation (this goes without saying) was beautiful detailed amazing.


This is my entire problem with this film: I don't have enough superlatives to describe the beauty, the action, the complexity of the characters. 

And the roller coaster of emotions? I went from laughing out loud to feeling fearful to crying (yes, real tears!) to laughing again to oh-no-how-will-they-get-out-of-this-alive tension. I ran the gamut from empathy to fear to tenderness, all between serious belly laughs. 

Also, Creepiest Villain Ever in a Disney Movie? Check.

For the Love of Shorts

As is usual with Disney Animation, they add a wonderful short before the movie. In this case, it was called "Feast," and I feel I have to mention it here because it's one of the most beautiful animation shorts I've ever seen.

Produced by Kristina Reed who also produced 2012’s Oscar®-winning short “Paperman," "Feast" treats us to the growth and evolution of adorable pupply, Winston and his love of all things edible. I seriously fell in love.

For the Love of Fred

Everyone will have their favorite characters in any film. In Big Hero 6 my personal favorite was Fred, voiced by T.J. Miller, who has the greatest character reveal in any movie - ever. (Working on my superlatives.)

"I've been trying to get Honey to develop a formula to turn me into a fire-breathing lizard, but she says that's "not science." ~ Fred


The Date Night Thing

I confess that I've seen Big Hero 6 twice now. Once with Eric on our Road Trip/Date Night and again with friends (who happen to be adults) Dan and Haylee.

(By way of explanation: I had RSVP'd to see the film again with my kids, but they bailed at the last minute because they have their own lives and all, but that's not important right now.)

All of us (grown-ups) agreed on the epicness (<--is that a word?) of the movie. And that no, it's not just for kids.


Marvel Gets Disneyfied

For you Marvel nerds, who probably already know that this story started as an obscure Marvel comic, you also know that, like in all good Marvel films, it is mandatory to stay all the way through the credits. In this case, there's a wonderful Marvel-meets-Disney-meets-Stan-Lee type moment. DO NOT MISS IT.

Thank you, Disney Animation. You've done it again. I'm thinking I need to create a movie rating system for when I do these reviews: 

"I give Big Hero 6 TEN pastelitos!" (Shut up. I know.)


Big Hero 6 opens in theaters everywhere today, Friday, November 7, 2014.