Morro Castle In My Sky

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On my most recent Miami adventure, the Fabregas family had me over for dinner. Once we had finished dinner, dessert and café the strangest thing happened.

brindando con cafecitos  

I'm not exactly sure how it happened other than the fact that I probably instigated it, but we all jumped up, piled into their über-cool van, and they showed me around "Sweet Home Hialeah." 

Hialeah Fountain  pointing to Hialeah sign

Comeplete with a stop at . . .

Morro Castle Hialeah  

Yes, MORRO CASTLE. For Churros con chocolate. It was a heavenly experience. As only churros con chocolate can be.

Hot Chocolate with Churro on top  
table of churros con chocolate  

It wasn't until about three years ago that I really saw El Morro Castle. It was my first time at Cuba Nostalgia and when I found out that sitting on the wall in front of this castle-thingy was "THE thing to do," I simply HAD to do it too. Nevermind that I had no idea where this castle sat in relation to Havana . . .  if taking a picture in front of it was a Cuban thing, I was going to do it.

Malecon Cuba Nostalgia 2007

Even when Mami wasn't there to take the picture for me, I still did it.

El Morro Cuba Nostalgia 2009

And always, El Morro was up and to my right. It was my "castle in the sky" just like the idea of ever seeing the REAL one in Havana seemed to be . . . until now.

Real Morro Castle up and to the right

Moments like this . . . I am keenly aware of how awesome God is. Not only did I get to re-create the very picture I had taken when it was "just a dream" . . . but it's as if He heard me say "One day, I want to make it to Morro Castle" and took me literally so I got to go to the Morro Castle in Hialeah as well as the one in Havana. (Sometimes that guy cracks me up!)

recreating Malecon 2007 shot