How to Turn 55 While in Miami

The following post has been brought to you courtesy of Kikita.

Greetings from Miami!

Yesterday was Mami's 55th birthday (it's ok, she told me I could tell you) and the celebrating started early in the morning and went late into the night. (Ok, technically I think she will be stretching her birthday out through the weekend, but that's not important right now.)

This is how I found her this morning:

Modernmami birthday cake
Sharing a cake with her blog-friend the Modern Mami.

A couple of hours later Mami was enjoying a Dulce de Leche cupcake from InStyle Cupcakes.

Dulce de leche cupcake
After a quick stop to visit Tio Abuelo Fernando (yes, the 99 year old one I went to Cuba with in March)...

Visiting fernando
Mami had lunch with her cousin Yllien at the Gables Diner (yes, I got to go too).

Ylli at gables diner
Next it was time for the main event.

It was time for the big, fat, Cuban birthday party.

And we made it happen!

We had such a great group of people show up! And from all over the United States!

Lea & Vidal made it from New Jersey (and yes, we're going to pretend that the only reason they were in Miami was to say hello to Mami on her birthday).

Lea and Vidal 

Scott and his daughter Daryn came all the way from Georgia.

Daryn and Scott Gillies
Billy trekked in from New Orleans.

Billy hug
Carrie showed up for some Tiki Tiki.


My cousin, Michael, made an appearance along with his lovely wife, Kimberly.

Michael and Kimberly
Amanda from Brandon's Puppy brought her whole brood with her and even Abe was there with his daughter Alissa.

Dinner table

It was so wonderful to have such a mixed group come and share such a fabulous evening. To all of you who were there, thank you. Mami was incredibly touched and feels oh-so-loved (which was the whole point).

Blowing out the candle

To those of you who couldn't make it, here's what you missed (beyond delicious Cuban food and fun-tastic conversation):

Since my Dad and the rest of my siblings could not be there with us, they sent a video. Ok, it was all my Dad's idea. He worked hard on his video slide show and couldn't wait for Mami to see it. It was really quite adorable.

When I set up her computer and started playing it, she burst into tears because the song he'd chosen was the song they had danced to at their wedding.

Mami watching video
It was a very sweet moment and a very sweet video.

I hope you enjoy it: