Language Barrier

I am "dug in" in so many ways. I like things just a certain way. I know my preferences. I know what I want to do and for the most part, I do things my way. But today I encountered a language barrier. It didn't start that way. I was just trying to be efficient and then sort of hit a wall.

When I was growing up and learning to read and write in English, I remember my confusion and frustration in learning the "ough" words.
For example:
If through is pronounced "throo", why isn't cough pronounced "coo?" Okay, so it's pronounced "coff," so why isn't bough pronounced "boff?" Noooo. It's "bow," so then why isn't through pronounced "thraow." See. Endless confusion! 

So today I run into another confusing and frustrating situation where I'm not completely comfortable in two languages. A sort of Cuban-American Refugee Deja-Vu.

You see, Eric moved all my graphics files from my PC to one of the Macs - the G4 to be exact. Now I find myself in the same quandary. This time living on the hyphen of the PC-Mac users.

I'm delighted, really. Now I have about a bazillion gigabytes of storage for all my graphics and photos.  It's just that I haven't used the Mac for a few years now. I will have to acclimate again.

This transition is a bit rough on me.  Or is it "roo?"

{sigh} I feel so vulnerable.