Kikita Loves Monkeys

Familia! It's Kikita here.

In case you didn't know, I love monkeys.
I also love movies.
So when the chance to see a movie about monkeys comes up, I'm SOOO there.

"The Lion King" is my favorite Disney movie and Rafiki is a huge reason for that.
"Aladdin" is one of my favorite Disney movies because of Abu.
Can you guess what my favorite part of "Tarzan" is? Yes, the "Trashin' the Camp" part (Of course, the fact that N'SYNC and Phil Collins sang it was a HUGE plus).
Before those came out, "The Jungle Book" was my favorite.

I love monkeys.
You get it.

When Mami got an invitation from Disney Nature to go see their new movie, "Chimpanzee," she knew exactly who to call.
She called before she even looked at the date and realized she would be out of town.
She called so that I could have time to clear whatever I had planned to go see it.

10 am on a Sunday in Hollywood?
No problem.

I shouldn't admit this, but anyone who knows me knows that I go to church on Saturday nights because 10 am on a Sunday is just too early to get to a church that's only 10 minutes away...
Does this mean I love monkeys more than I love Jesus? I hope not.

I digress.
I went to the movie.

2012-04-15 09.52.01

I was in awe.

"Chimpanzee" is a documentary, but not your typical documentary. It was a story. But it was FULL of information. Even for my love of monkeys, I had no idea that chimpanzees were omnivores, did you?

It was truly an incredible story.

In fact, I was loving it so much that I found myself wondering, "Would it be wrong to name my first-born son "Oscar" after the little baby chimp who is the star of the film?" (No, I DO NOT have any children yet, I'm just planning ahead.)
I settled for buying a plush-monkey of Oscar instead, but I call him "Oscarito."

CHIMPANZEE one sheet

The movie is in theaters right now.
Do yourself and your kids a favor, go see it. 
If you don't have kids, then call a friend and go see it.
You won't be disappointed.
I promise.

And you just might learn a thing or two that you didn't know before.