Japi Sanguibin (Happy Thanksgiving)

Pb227928Happy Thanksgiving.

My tables are set and awaiting the family tomorrow.  We only have 26 because not everyone can come. I realize a beat too late when I tell people this that they think I am joking. Only 26 - ha!

Being Cuban Americans, we appreciate that Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to this country.  When we first started joining in and cooking the turkey, the side dishes were typically Cuban - arroz con frijoles negros, yuca con mojo, platanos maduros,  etc. 

What else would you cook when you have that many people coming over for a big meal??  But we have evolved.  We made the decision a few years ago to keep the Thanksgiving meal pretty traditional.  We didn't want this to just be the "warm up" for Noche Buena.  My sisters and I share the load. I will decorate and invite and host. My older sisters will take turns cooking the food. All I have to do is reheat and serve. It's a win-win.

I decorate my tables with pumpkins that hold names to serve as placecards. We post menus. There must always be some kind of centerpiece.  These things I do in deference to my mother, who loves to set a beautiful table.  We want the family to feel welcome and warm in our home. We play games, we eat, we get caught up on each other's lives.Pb227940  

My husband, Eric is the one who leads us in the saying of "grace."  We have a very high value for giving thanks to our God for his provision.  That's my favorite part of our Thanksgiving ritual.

I'm looking forward to all the LIFE it will bring to our home. I get so much energy from having all the generations present.
We had to move out all our living room furniture. Our home is pretty small. But we are always elected to host because everyone feels so at home with us.
That makes me happy. There's always room for one more.
May the Lord richly bless you and your families on this day.