In omnia...

As we P2060828head downstairs each day, we are greeted by this:

In omnia paratus.

It is Latin. It means "prepared for all things." In other words... "Ready for anything."

It is a daily reminder of an attitude I want for myself and my family.  It resonates in me. I want to be prepared for whatever life throws our way. And it's kind of fun to have it on my wall in Latin. (I'll explain about my wall words another day)

But this morning, as I came down the stairs, realizing it is the first day of November, I realize I feel very UNPREPARED.  Once you're into November, the holiday countdown begins. There are all those people who are B.O. (*Born Organized - my Lucy is one of those) who have lists already made, presents already bought and wrapped, holiday menus neatly typed. 

If you haven't already guessed, that is so NOT me. I'm still "coming to" from the inevitable Halloween Sugar Coma.

Incidentally, I do have lists..... I'm just not quite sure where I left them. ;-)