I'm a fool. *sigh*

I know it's been a while since I've written anything, but I trust my first-born kept you entertained while I was gone. (thanks, Amy Kikita!)

I have so much to tell you that I don't know where to start....

Okay, so my husband Eric had to go to Las Vegas to work.  And because I can be opportunistic sometimes (=D) I invited myself along.  Since Adam didn't have to work, I invited him along to keep me company.

So, I mentioned this to my online/blog friend, Amy Arnaz, and she invited us to come visit her and Desi in Boulder City (not far from Vegas).  Yes, I realize the story is taking a kind of surreal turn here, but that's not important right now....

Which is how Adam and I found ourselves in Boulder City, Nevada at the Historic Boulder Theatre watching Miss Amy and her ballerinas rehearse for their upcoming performance of The Nutcracker. 

Boulder city ballet  

We were already delighted by the quaintness of the town and the theater, not to mention getting to watch a sneak peek of The Nutcracker Ballet, when we spot one of the tech guys adjusting the lights on-stage. 

"Adam, that's Desi!"

"No, Mom. That's a tech guy."

That was no ordinary tech guy.

I was right. It was my beloved Desi.  Desi Arnaz, Jr.

Amy brought him right over and introduced us. (be still my heart. *sigh*)

And okay, for like about 30 seconds I was a bit nervous, but then... we started talking....

Can I just tell you how funny, and smart and well-read this man is?  I kept forgetting he was the son of Lucy and Desi - okay, well, of course, I didn't forget forget.  It's just that I was so enjoying sharing stories with my new friend, Desi. 

Desi and me

We talked and talked and talked.  About how he and Amy met and how they ended up in Boulder City.  About how his parents met.  About life in their small town.

We talked about his paternal grandfather, whom I knew was kind of a legendary political figure in Cuba.  I remember my parents always telling the story that the elder Desiderio was the mayor of Santiago de Cuba, but that his intention was not to actually run for mayor, but he was so popular that he won as the write-in candidate. Isn't that awesome?

He told me about how his dad left Cuba and kind of accidentally ended up in show business.  I told him my own "how I left Cuba" story.  We talked about Cuba now and about going back there someday. He told me about the time he met Arturo Sandoval and yes, Andy Garcia!!!  (He brought it up. Surreal. Shut up. I know.)

Desi has a wonderful sense of humor and again, I almost forgot about who his parents were since we were talking about so many different subjects (okay, yes, I know they are probably the most famous TV icons EVER, but I got distracted, okay?) until....

He did a dead-on, wild-eyed impression of his dad with that distinctive accent.  Shut. Up.  It was crazy-awesome!

Just when I thought it just couldn't get any more surreal, his friend, Billy, stopped by.....

Mr. Billy Hinsche.  Of Dino, Desi and Billy fame, of course,  and who later played with the Beach Boys!! (who I went to see as often as they played in L.A. all through the 70's, but that's not important right now). 

Billy and me 

If I had taken the time to fantasize about how my encounter with Desi might have panned out, I don't think I would have been clever enough to add "and then Billy drops by for a visit."  Again, another treat!

Picture me as a young tween seeing these adorable faces of Dino, Desi, and Billy for the first time singing their hit, "I'm a Fool" (I actually even owned this record and wore down the grooves from being over-played - I was TEN, okay??):

Aren't they just FREAKING ADORABLE???  Do you see what I'm talking about here?

Okay. Sorry. I know I'm babbling a little.  I was just so surprised and delighted to meet these guys and to find they were so.... accessible and well....just plain nice.  I had a total personal-time-warp moment when I realized if called upon I could totally sing "I'm a Fool" from memory, but that's not important right now, either. 

They have since re-grouped (and un-grouped) as Ricci, Desi, and Billy.

After many hugs and kisses(!) and lovely parting gifts (an autographed live cd - YAY! and chocolate. =D) we had to say goodbye.

Parting gifts 

I was genuinely sad to go.  I felt like I was leaving old friends "de vida" - you know?

Thank you to the lovely Miss Amy, for the invitation.

Miss Amy and me 

And thanks to Desi and Billy for making my visit so wonderful and memorable.
You guys are awesome! 

I like to call this photo: Marta, Desi, and Billy.  That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? ;-)

Desi, Billy, and Marta 

I spent the rest of the afternoon replaying our visit and conversation (while Adam and I wandered about Las Vegas) and thinking once again that I really do lead a charmed life and then just look who I ran into at Madame Tussaud's:

Lucy & me 

That's right. Desi's mom.  ;-)