For the love of Bricks.

  • My mom calls him "Cerebrito" or "Little Brain."Jonhappy
  • He doesn't let anyone, except his immediate family, call him Jon.
  • He prefers Jonathan.
  • He is a thinker of deep thoughts.
  • He has an extraordinary sense of humor.
  • He is intensely focused when he is building with his Legos.
  • We sometimes call him "Captain Distraction."
  • He will be turning 11 in just one month.

This evening while he and Lucy were at the rehearsal for their Christmas play, I snuck off to go Christmas shopping. The closest Lego shop to us is at Downtown Disney.  For Lego lovers, it is like Mecca.

It is there that I found this:


  1. It is a Lego Creation.
  2. It is a Robot.
  3. It came with passes to Legoland.

The Trifecta of Christmas Gift Perfection for my soon-to-be-11-year-old.

I left Lego Mecca with the giant shopping bag in one hand and a smug smile on my face.  Well... after I took pictures of the giant Darth Vader standing under the enormous giraffe. 
I confess. I LOVE LEGOS, too.

Don't mention that to Jon, though. He doesn't really think it's appropriate for mom to get involved in things like this. After all..."It's a guy thing." (secretly, I can't wait to get my hands on the thing)


So... if I'm the complete opposite of "cool," does that make me "hot?"

(didn't think so.)