For the love of Bustelo

P5214608I don't consider myself a coffee snob. I live in Mission Viejo, California. There are more hip coffee places than police in our fair city. I swear.
But I do have friends who would refer to themselves as coffee snobs (you know who you are). 

But I, am Cuban.

And there is nothing (nothing!) like a perfectly made "coladito."  I, personally,  started making them for my dad when I was around 8 years old - part of my grooming to be a Good Cuban Wife and Hostess.


  05220710180519071317Of course, everyone in Miami has been to the same Cuban School of Hospitality. And, happily, it involves plying your guests with lots of caffeine.

Thanks, everyone.

Still feeling the love (and the buzz). =D

This one was behind the curtain at the Babalú booth. (Thanks, Consiglieri!)

"Pay no attention to the giant espresso machine behind the curtain!" ;-)