Family Tree

P5144123P5144124I need to warn you that I'm feeling all nostalgic and Cuban this week. Preparing to leave on Wednesday for Miami.  There are certain things that are on my mind now that I'd like to share. This is one of them.

My grandmother had a "brag book" which included all her 20 grandchildren.  One of my aunts brought it from Cuba and gave it to my mom. What a treasure.  (Of course, I snagged it and made copies and scrapbooked it - it had to be done.)

They used to call us "the Clan." These people here made up my entire social circle. They were the faces of my happy childhood, of family and of love.  Many of them are still a part of my life.  One has passed away.

The quote reads like this:
"Like branches on a tree, a family grows in different directions,
yet will always share the same roots."

I think this is true of most Cubans. We will always share the same roots. Which is why the greater Cuban community feels so familiar to me - same roots.
So going to Florida, specifically to Miami feels to me like coming home
And of course, home is where the heart very best Cuban food is.  ;-)