Cucufate Pictures Presents . . .

An explanation.

My mom was in Miami last year visiting her big brother (she's almost 93 - what are these people made of??).

She was helping him clean out closets and things and found an old box full of old 8mm and Super 8 film reels.  There was footage of my parents back in 1950. There we were as small children playing in the sand in Varadero in 1956. There was Christmas, 1956 with my uncle dressed as Santa Claus riding in on horseback. 

It's such beautiful stuff. We are working hard at preserving these old films and creating timeless family heirlooms. This is super important to me. And it just so happens that my daughter is an amazing film editor. (Tomorrow's Memories is her film editing business)

In this stash, we found some footage of Christmas on our farm in Cuba, but the film had been double-exposed. Amy was really loving the artsy effect and so she created the same feel with more recent family films.  The babies are all adults now. There are new members to the family. The song she chose is poignant and sweet.  The feel is timeless.

Did I mention she is an amazing editor?

This is the just the 2 minute opening of our family Christmas film this year.
And yes, we realize we're violating some major copyright laws here, but I really wanted to share. =D