An Unexpected Party

Kikita Here.

If you didn't already know, I live with my Abuela, but she is currently in Miami and won't be back until late July.  Yes, this means I live alone and could potentially throw big Cuban parties every weekend . . .
But I'm just not that way.

In fact, I've been enjoying the silence and spending many quiet evenings alone reading and watching movies.
And practicing my cooking.  =D

On one such evening, my Aunt Helen just dropped in to say hi.  She had been at my Aunt Alina's house.  Apparently, they had been getting together for dinner once a week with my Aunt Ofelia ever since her husband died.  They take turns going to each other's homes and making dinner since they don't have big families to cook for every night (their children are all grown) and cooking for one can be a serious challenge.

I explained to my Tia Helen how I completely understood.  I had just made a fricase de pollo that was going to last me the rest of the week . . .

So the other day, she called and invited me to their weekly dinner (all of my Tias are wonderful cooks, so OF COURSE I went).

It was also going to be a celebration of our (Helen & my) upcoming birthdays.  It was Ofi's night to cook.  Her table was set beautifully (my abuela has always been a stickler for a well-set table and it has rubbed off on all of us).

Anyway, I admit I felt kind of nervous, I don't hang-out with my Tias without Mom around that much.  But since my Spanish is always getting better, and I am great at parties (especially when there's food involved) I did fine.

With the exception of a few minor moments . . .

It was a delicious salad, with lettuce, walnuts, strawberries, and mandarins, but it was a huge serving and I was excited about the meat.  I tried to pass Ofie my half-eaten bowl, "No, Amy, eat your fruit!"
It cracked me up.  But I ate it.  =D

At some point during the evening, Ofie mentioned how she had more Hatuey Beer than she knew what to do with, so I asked if I could have one to take home and try.
"Well, Ok, BUT NOT WHILE YOU'RE DRIVING!  A DUI is thousands of dollars!"
(She can't help it.  That mothering thing just comes naturally)

As dinner was wrapping up Ofie asked us, "Do you like the fettucine?"
I wasn't fond of it, and as I was trying how to respond politely when Alina burst out, "No!"
I can only imagine the look of shock and horror that was on my face as my three Tias starting laughing at me.

When it was time for dessert there were three choices, yellow cake with chocolate frosting (my favorite), chocolate oreo cookie cake (Helen's request), and a big pie looking thing covered in peaches.
"Amy, do you want some?"
"No, I've had plenty of fruit today, thanks.  Besides, I don't think fruit should be considered dessert."

"Well, plain fruit no, but these peaches have been POSTRE-IZED."

I know it was just dinner and dessert, but I swear, it felt like a party, even if there were "postre-ized" peaches for dessert.