Always Right

    Blog hijacking shall commence in 3... 2... 1...

    Hi. This is Lucy.

    My mom doesn’t know that I’m posting this.
    But she does know that I love to tell stories. I got that from her. And there’s a beautiful story I know about my mom that I would like to share. But because it’s about as long as my lifetime, I had to condense it to all the REALLY good parts. Keep up.
    Even when I was little, her hugs were (and still are) the warmest. She can recite the thirteen dwarves in The Hobbit with ease (always ending with Thorin Oakenshield). She can quote every movie she could watch over and over again. She hates to be called “mommy,” but will stay awake until the early morning to talk with her children.
    She’s stubborn and she's always right. No, really. She is.
    She’s charismatic and witty and she can hold her own when things get rough. She also makes a mean Arroz con Pollo.
    (That one guy who works at In-N-Out insists I look exactly like her... but that's not important right now.)
    My mom loves life.
    So here’s to listening to Neil Diamond in the car on the way to rehearsals and to the dozens of conversations while sitting on the red leather couch.
    Here’s to the hilarity which never ends.
    I love you more than I could spit.


Always your goose,

- Lucy

- - -


    I can't watch this clip without crying. I can't watch any Star Trek movie without thinking of you. Thank you for introducing me to these lovable characters and fantastic stories. You are the Spock to my Kirk and you are the Kirk to my Enterprise. I LOVE YOU MOM! Happy Mother’s Day.



- Adam

- - -


    You taught me how important it is to hold the door open for you. It’s now a habit to get you “bubbly-bubbly water,” (with ice, of course). You know me best because you’re also the youngest. You know how to deal with my hair because it’s curly just like yours used to be.
    I love that you still pray for me every night. I love our conversations in the car and I’m glad you are patient when my mind wanders.
    I like how you encourage my “inner nerd” by being absolutely nerdy yourself.
    You taught me to “just go for it.” And I learned how to be fearless in every situation, even if I fail epically.
    You bring me joy.


- Jonathan

- - -

Dear Marti,

    You are a wonderful mom to our four kids. I thought about it, and if I
    had to do this alone, and I would probably have just two modes:
    1. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
    2. Or catatonic. Staring out into the abyss.
    You manage to juggle our kids' needs, let them know they are loved no matter what, maintain a delightful home, and take care of me.
    All at the same time.

    I love you.


- Eric

- -

    I may be getting a little old for this, but when I grow up, I want to be just like my Mami.
    She is the bravest and most amazing person I know.
    She was my age when I was born. I can't imagine having a kid right now.
    A few years later, she was getting divorced. While I know that she went through all of that heartache for herself as much as for Adam and me, I know that we were two huge reasons and I am forever grateful that she had the courage to be a single mom.
    A few years after that, she met an amazing man, but I know that if he had been anything less than amazing and didn't adore Adam and me as if we were his own children, she wouldn't have married him.
    Lucky for me, she was brave enough to give the whole marriage thing a second try.
    Mami's hard decisions and sacrifices have served as wonderful examples to me on how to trust God in everything, how to choose a good man, and (of course) how to cook. ;-)
    Because of her, I'm funny.
    Because of her, I'm Cuban.
    And, even though I constantly joke that I think I'm adopted, I know there's no denying where I got my amazingly good looks and great smile from.
    It might sound trite, but everything I am I owe to Mami.


- Kikita Amy

- - -

From all of us. To you.

We love you more.

Happy Mother's Day.