A knight to remember

Medieval_times022I warned you about this.

I swear. She really did want to go to

Medieval Times.

So I grabbed my boys, and Helen & Daisy (they are always game for an adventure).

Okay, guys...Let's pretend we're the "make-a-wish-foundation" and let's do this nice thing for your grandmother, ok?

We wore the silly crowns.

And ate the food with our hands because they didn't have silverware in those times (but apparently they did have laser swords and blinky necklaces.)

We cheered for our Black and White Knight.  That right there was worth the overprice of admission to hear Jonathan and Daisy chanting "black and white. black and white." and have the grandma join in with "bla-kan-wai. bla-kan-wai."  In that inimitable Cuban way of hers. Perfect.

Because Adam was with us and he is the strongest, it fell to him to maneuver the grandma around with her cane.  He was complaining that this was the Museum of Torture. LOL
He doesn't have as much stamina for old people as Amy does, but he adores his grandmother so the puts up with her - complaining the whole time. ;-)

I think it's hysterical how into it she got. She was demolishing that chicken with her bare hands and liking it. When they announced she was celebrating her 93rd she got a big cheer and waved to the crowd. (as if they had come just to see her) =D
I just kept thinking it's a good thing I'm not royalty, because I just don't look very attractive in a crown.

But I did get an idea to create a new design that says: Cuban American Princess over in my store. Maybe in pink?

But as I looked around, I realized that really nobody looked great in their crowns.
But we're darn good sports, right?

So, this outing counts as a big success. The grandma was pleased - a lifelong dream checked off her list.  And she even got to wear a crown at a jaunty angle. A Double Blessing.

"And that's all I have to say about that." ~ Forrest Gump