What's Important Right Now - May

I often get distracted as I'm in the middle of telling a story and my go-to disclaimer is: "but that's not important right now." 

But my life is in session and there are lots of things that are important. So I keep a list of 'present participles' or Things That Are Important Right Now. That's just all a fancy way of saying, "the things I'm grateful for." But that's not important right now.

Savoring the tradition of having coffee every week with my dear friend, Jana. We have been doing this since our kids were in high school and I'm so grateful for her presence in my life. Espresso and an hour and a half of a sympathetic listening ear are so much more valuable (and cheaper!) than therapy.

My Big Fat Cuban Family - coffee cup

Resting from our hard work as we helped our very dear friends create a magical day for their daughter's wedding. I may write about what it takes to style a DIY wedding later. Right now I'm still very much in recovery mode.

My Big Fat Cuban Family - wedding sign

Missing our sweet grandson, Asher. He was here with my daughter-in-law, Alysha for a few days (in the midst of all the wedding prep!) and we kept him overnight. He's back in DC now, but we are missing him like crazy. Super grateful for the magic of Skype. Also, isn't this the best photo ever? Eric spent hours of fun at the park with Asher. I know. Call me Wella.

My Big Fat Cuban Family - Asher

Enjoying having my daughter, Amy back in our area code where she's been missing the last few years. She finally moved back to Orange County in March and it's been fun having her around again and especially seeing her reconnect with her younger siblings. What a gift.

My Big Fat Cuban Family - Amy Hohneker and Jon Darby

Taking time to embrace the comfort foods of my culture. That means black beans, white rice, and plantains - maduros - as often as I can get them.

My Big Fat Cuban Family - black beans, white rice, maduros

Delighting in my garden as the weather starts warming up. My roses are particularly making me happy as they're all in crazy-awesome bloom. 

My Big Fat Cuban Family - rose garden

Shipping lots of new products out from my Etsy shop. (You know I have an online store, right?) I'm proud to say that Marta Darby Designs - Word Art to Make You Happy has added lots of different colors to the original existing Cuban Food posters. And this is just the beginning. Go check me out

I'll just be honest here: It's been difficult lately to write about my real life. We do lots of fun things, but there's also the challenges of dealing with an aging parent and with real life being relentlessly in session. 

Still I'm grateful for all the beauty that is my perfectly imperfect life. I have lots of notes and stories in my personal journal that are the seedlings of more fodder for my blog here. But today, these are the things I'm grateful for. 

What about you? What's important right now? Feel free to share.