My Big Fat Cuban Family Cuban Cleaning® Playlist

I love your response to my 8 Rules to Getting Your House Cuban Clean®. You were all right there with me in the ongoing struggle. I totally appreciate that. I also appreciate that as much as we hate (or love) cleaning, it has to be done. 

Of course, everyone knows that you clean much more effectively when you have great music playing and you can move your hips, because....Cuban.

So, I've compiled some of my favorite Cuban/Salsa/Dance/Cleaning music into one really fun Spotify Playlist to make your Cuban Cleaning® Day that much more fun and productive.

Also, everyone knows that wooden mops ("trapeadores") make excellent dance partners. Right?

My Big Fat Cuban Family - MBFCF Cuban Cleaning Playlist

I give you Music To Inspire You To Cuban Clean®. Have a listen and let me know what you think and what songs you would add. Also, you're welcome.

Get those "trapeadores" ready... A gozar!