My Big Fat Cuban Love Song Playlist

Valentine's Day, 1961 was our very first day in America. Read about that here and here

It's always a bittersweet date for me because I remember those difficult early days, but it's also a sweet holiday to celebrate with my husband. As you can imagine, Valentine's Day stirs up all kinds of crazy roller-coaster type emotions in me. 

In honor of my Cubanity and of Valentine's Day, I have compiled a very Cuban playlist of my favorite old school Cuban love songs. Some of them remind me of the vinyl records that were constantly on our turntable back in the day. And some have a newer flavor. 

The sweet part of this is that Eric and I have taken dance lessons and we sometimes cha-cha and rumba in our living room to some of this very same music. You're picturing that right now, aren't you? Stop it this instant. (That was a total overshare. I know. Shut up.)

Without further ado, I give you My Big Fat Cuban Love Song Playlist. Have a listen and let me know what you think. 

Also, these are my parents in this photo. Aren't they the cutest?