The Battle of the Cuban Heritage Day Tshirts is ON!

Our good friends at Habana Brand Clothing have done it again and hit it out of the park (pun intended) with this wonderful one-of-a-kind-collector's-edition Tshirt for this year's Cuban Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium. The game will be on Sunday, July 12th, but the Tshirts are already on sale and you should get one ASAP, before they run out.

At our last committee meeting, we started some friendly I-bet-we-can-sell-more-tshirts-than-you type banter. 

Actually, there was a lot of arm waving and loud no-way-you're-totally-going-downsmack talk (in English AND Spanish) about who could sell more shirts and after all the yo-mamas were thrown down, we were both challenged to put our money where our mouths were and make it happen.

And because our bilingual smack-talk was witnessed by none other than Betty Porto (owner of Porto's Bakery) and Rose Marin (head of the Cuban Heritage Committee), they challenged us...

"Let's make this happen," they said. 

"How about Downey vs. Burbank?" they suggested.

(You see where this is going, don't you?)

So, tomorrow, Saturday, June 13th, I will be at Porto's in Downey with my people selling these beautiful tshirts from 11am to 3pm

Porto's Downey • 8233 Firestone Blvd • Downey, CA 90241 • (562) 862-8888

At the same time, out at the Porto's in Burbank, Roly and Lucy Vega representing Habana Brand will be doing the same. In other words, "It's on."

Porto's Burbank • 3614 West Magnolia Boulevard • Burbank, CA 91505 • (818) 846-9100

I'd like to invite all of you in Southern California to come get your tshirts this Saturday.

Of course, I'd very much prefer if you came to Porto's Downey to buy them because me and my family will be there, enthusiastically selling tshirts and taking pictures and enjoying pastelitos and generally showing Burbank how it's done, but that's not important right now.

Of course, for those of you who can't travel to either location or who can't decide who you love best, you can always order your shirts online at the Habana Brand Clothing Shop.

So hopefully, I'll get to meet some of you tomorrow at Porto's in Downey. If you come, be sure to share your pastelitos!

Also... Go Blue!