Acabando Pronto from Marta’s Cuban American Kitchen

The entire month of December has flown by in a blur.
Like many of you this time of year brings lots of scheduling challenges, but also lots of opportunities for gathering with friends and family, which is of course, The Best Part.
There is always that last minute invitation to which I always try to be polite and ask, “Can I bring anything?”
Feeling tired from all the Christmas activity, I prefer the no-don’t-bring-a-thing-just-show-up answer, but because I seem to have picked up a reputation for cooking (ahem), I sometimes get, “Can you just whip up an appetizer?”
I’m flattered of course, but “…just whip up…?”
Okay, if you insist. I have just the thing. Here’s a quick and practically effortless appetizer.

Sweet and Sour Guava Meatballs
1 pkg. (about 60) frozen meatballs
2 – 12 oz. jars chili sauce (cocktail sauce works just as well)
2 – 16 oz. jars guava jelly (or you can use grape jelly, but I believe guava to be superior. =D)

1) In a large bowl, whisk together the chili sauce and guava jelly.
2) Add the frozen meatballs.
3) Cook in a large pot over low heat until meatballs have thawed and are heated through. Or pour into a crockpot and cook on low for about 3 hours.
4) Serve warm.
You’ll get all kinds of compliments and you can honestly say:
“Oh, it was nothing.” =D
Prospero Año Nuevo!