Wise guys

I'm a sucker for smart guys.
I always thought my dad was the smartest man I ever knew.  And I believe he was...
Until I met Eric.
This is probably an "over-share," but here's what I find attractive in a man:

  • Is he smart?
  • Is he sensitive?
  • Does he have a good sense of humor?

The rest are all negotiables.
My husband has these 3 qualities. And so many more. (Yes, he was valedictorian. See what I mean?)

Then I realized that those 3 things very accurately describe my son,  Jonathan, who is 11 years old today.

He is whip smart. He has a heart of gold. And he's got a great sense of humor.

He just got a haircut the other day and then asked, "So... am I a chick-magnet now?" (I love that.)

Wise guy. =D