Why Kikita thinks Spain Will Win the World Cup

Kikita here.

Virtual Vuvuzela Spain
At some point I'm sure Mami has mentioned that we don't have TV. If you didn't know that, well, now you know. We live in a valley, so we can't even get basic channels without basic cable. We watch movies and are big Netflix fans, but that is not important right now.

Not having cable has made watching the World Cup games quite an adventure.

I have had to go to great lengths to support my Top 3 picks (USA was in my Top 5, but not Top 3) and get my fill of soccer (aka "fútbol").

World cup at cafe
I took my laptop to a local cafe so that I could work and support Uruguay against the Netherlands.

I have exploited various friendships for their television and recording capabilities.
(Thanks Atkinsons! Thanks Michelle!) Cheering during a game

I was up and at a German pub (wearing Argentina colors) at 6am only to watch in horror as Argentina was led to a slaughter.

I changed into Spanish red and relocated to a Spanish bar to scream at the top of my lungs as Carles Puyol made World Cup history.

Of course, it is 1000 times more fun to watch a game on Univisión because when any team makes a goal there is that classic "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!" sound that only the Spanish announcers know how to make so I have tried to make it a point to see the games at places showing them in Spanish.

I am ready for Spain to win on Sunday. They HAVE to win.

Since the Germans couldn't score against them, we know that Spain must have a great defense, but here are the Top 5 Reasons why I KNOW Spain is going to win:

Reason #1:Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez
(I like to call him Xavi Hotness)

Reason #2: Sergio Ramos
(Oh, I'm having a surge alright!)

Reason #3: Fernando Torres
(Fernando TorYES!)

Reason #4: David Villa
(According to FIFA "David Villa is currently one of the world's hottest striking properties." See? Even FIFA understands what I am talking about!)

Reason #5: Iker Casillas
(Every great time needs a gorgeous goalie.)

And while I've heard people complain about how obnoxious the sound of the vuvuzelas are, I can't help but love them. They look like so much fun! I haven't been able to get one of my own, so instead I got an app for that!


Spain Win
With reasons like these, how could we lose?