Welcome Back!

P2171273The daffodils have come up.
And the freesias.

The day lilies will be blooming in time for Easter.

They surprise me every year.

Every year.

I have this big "Wow!" moment.  I get so excited.
As if I had anything to do with this.

Well... it is my garden.  LOL

I don't take this amazing miracle for granted.

And yet, I know this is how it works with bulbs.

They are supposed to bloom every year - and they do.  Then they disappear... and return...etc.

And yet...

It's like magic.
Or a surprise party.
Or Christmas.
Such a gift.

Every time.

I know I sound absolutely goofy.  But I've told you before - not only am I a total dork, but I am very easily entertained.

Is there such a thing as an everyday miracle?

I'm not ashamed to tell you that I believe there is.

Happy Monday. ;-)