Now it's time for... "Big Thoughts with Dr. Seuss."

Pb207923We have words on the walls.
Not every wall. But in lots of places in our home. 

It started off as a sort of rebellious thing when we bought our house: "I own this house and I will write on the walls if I want to!"

But it has become a way to express our uniqueness as a family.  I think everyone should have words on their walls. Some are stenciled. Some are just rub ons.

I just finished this one yesterday for the family room in Helen's home (my niece).
I had to give Ben (17 months) my phone to get him to just stand there for perspective - because the size of the Scooby-Doo and Clifford just didn't work.

I just love this quote she chose. It took me about 5 hours total to stencil it. (with a bit of help from Amy, too.)

The stenciling itself kind of puts me in a zen-like state.  I found myself meditating on the quote while brushing the paint into the stencil.

I came to the conclusion (oh! The thinks you can think!) that I actually believe this for my own life.   Obviously Helen believes it, too.  And I agree.  She lives her life genuinely.

Come to think of it.... I think it just might be a very Cuban trait. Or maybe it's our own family thing.  We assume you're going to like us right off the bat. (What's NOT to like?")

It has never even occurred to me to NOT be who I am or say what I think. 

Yes, Cubanita. THIS is the definition of freedom.

[NOTE: If I have enabled anyone in any way with this post and you end up with writing on your walls.... you must send proof! =D]