The Usual Suspects

P3302682We took my mom to Legoland today.

That statement right there sounds like a joke, doesn't it?

Okay, so here's proof.

Of course, in my family, we always seem to travel in a pack. (herd? gaggle? flock?)

Whatever. We do stuff together.
A lot of stuff.
Well . . . just about everything.

And we think it's NORMAL.
Well . . . okay.  It's probably not normal at all. 

But it's very Cuban. ;-)

From left to right.  By name & relationship to me:
Ben - grandnephew.
Helen - sister.
Lucy - daughter.
Big Yellow Lego Blacksmith Troll - no relation.
Jonathan - son.
Daisy - grandniece.
Marta - myself.
Luz - mom.
Helen - niece.