Cuban Opposition Leader Atuñez to Speak in LA on February 16th

To be Cuban is to be invested in the political outcomes of the island. Whether we live there or not.

We are all such crazy opinionated, and vocal people. I don't know if it was always this way, or if it's just what has happened in the last 56 years as the Castros destroyed our beloved homeland. 

People often ask me why the Cuban people just don't rise up and rebel against the communist government. The truth is that there are many brave souls who do. One such person is Jorge Luis Garcia Perez, better known as Antuñez. 


Imprisoned for 17 years in the Castro gulag, he has continued his resistance to the regime and has always called for the freedom of the Cuban people at great personal cost. For more information about his struggle, click here

On Monday, February 16th, Jorge Luis Garcia Perez and his wife, Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera will be in Los Angeles for a very special event. They will be sharing their experiences of life in today's Cuba and their views on what the truth of diplomatic relations could look like. 

I'm inviting all of my LA people to join us to support them at this free event. 

Monday, February 16th, 2015

9:00 AM

CML Studios

326 Mira Loma Avenue

Glendale, CA 91204

Flyer English

I hope to see you there.

To learn more about the plight of Cuban political prisoners and activists please visit my friend, Marc Masferrer's blog, Uncommon Sense and, of course, Babalú Blog.

Why Are Cubans So Special?

That was the headline of a recent article in the New York Times. 

Why are cubans special

A dear Cuban friend texted me that headline and asked, "Why are we so special?"

I don't think she was really trying to start a political conversation because she knows me so well, but that's not important right now.

I responded with, "Because we can dance and have great butts."

And that's how the crazy began...

I decided to have some fun with this today. (Thank you, Carrie for sharing your Cubanity with me.)

Here are 10 ways Cubans are special:

1) We can make great flan.

2) We know how to curse colorfully.

3) We can fix anything with duct tape.


4) We know the secret healing powers of Vicks VapoRub.

Vicks Vapo

5) We make beautiful babies that smell of violets.


6) We have sexy hair.

7) We smell really good.

8) Our full-of-sh*tness is endearing.

9) Everyone we meet is a friend.

10) Our abuelas are amazing characters.

Now it's your turn.

Why are we Cubans so special?

(Note: If you start going political, I will assume you have no sense of humor and I will be forced to delete your comment. Ya tu sabes.)