Happy Arbor Mardi Gras?

Kikita posts again!

You knew it was coming . . . Sheila still refuses to take down the tree. One of our devoted readers and Facebook friends, Billy, encouraged her madness and sent her decorations, New Orleans music, and King Cake!

Obviously, "Tree Decorating" is a lovely excuse to have a party . . . 

Sheila tree 2

So we had our own little Fat Tuesday party and listened to the music as we decorated the tree.

Sadly, there weren't too many decorations, so we started putting the extra stuff on the tree too.

As you can see, the cup, the cd case, and a poster also became part of the tree decorations.

Sheila tree 

It is rather fitting isn't it? A Mardi Gras Christmas tree?

I mean, Ash Wednesday follows Mardi Gras and marks the beginning of LENT which will lead us to EASTER which gets us back to JESUS! The guy that started it all in the first place.

Sheila is brilliant!

(I'm sure she will welcome any suggestions for how to decorate the tree for SAINT Patrick's Day. =D)