She can't help it. It's in her blood.

The high school kids performed the musical, Bye Bye Birdie last weekend.

And okay, I know I’m totally partial, but they were wonderful!

Rosie was delightful in her irritation at Albert for his inability to commit, and so grudgingly she makes an inspired decision to have Conrad (Albert’s client) kiss a girl from the small town of Sweet Apple, Ohio:
Rosie & albert

Rosie and Albert successfully argued that Conrad was a fine upstanding, average, modest, patriotic, healthy, normal American boy!
All american boy

In Sweet Apple, lucky Kim (who will get to kiss Conrad goodbye as he leaves for the Army) and the members of the Conrad Birdie fan club pledged their never ending devotion to Conrad Birdie with tremendous zeal.

The MacAfee family makes their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Rosie (who is mad at Albert for the non-commitment thing) goes off to flirt with a roomful of Shriners with hilarious results:

But it was Mrs. Mae Peterson, Albert’s overbearing, interfering mother who steals the show. (Yes, of course, that was Lucy. =D)
Rosie & mae

I was impressed and proud of all the young actors, but seriously (and I heard it from other people, so it wasn’t just me being a stage mom, okay, so maybe I was, but that’s not important right now) Lucy. Stole. The. Show.
Mrs peterson

She got applause just for walking on and off the stage. (I was loving it.)

Although, every single time she was on stage, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the character of Adela (the overbearing, interfering Cuban grandmother) from the old TV show, “Que Pasa, USA?” who ironically always happens to steal the show just by her presence.

Here's the incredibly talented Velia Martinez as Abuela Adela:

Here's the incredibly talented Miss Lucy Darby as Mrs. Mae Peterson:

Coincidence? I think not. ;-)