Phasers on "Stun"

Pc2593901We got this great dvd set for Eric at Christmas.
I don't think we really classify as Trekkies, but I have to admit that we are pretty much "borderline."
We don't have tv.  I have such an addictive personality that I get easily hooked by the teasers for the next, big, upcoming thing and could so lose hours of my life. So, trust me. It's better this way.

But we all really love Star Trek. And I had a Borders coupon for a boxed set. ;-) And Pam sent Jonathan the old series episode - with The Gorn.

We have been watching each movie (excuse me.. motion picture). Every couple of days. And we've made rules. All of us have to be present - no watching ahead. (do you hear that, Adam??)
It's been so great.

The movies themselves? Not anything out of this world (no pun intended.) It's the time together. The ritual. The dim lights, the blankets, the popcorn, the speculation. These are definitely memories we're making here.
But then, I think, maybe we're enjoying this TOO much. Maybe we're just a little TOO into which version of the Enterprise is in this episode (1701-A). We're starting to know too much.

I guess now's the time to confess that last summer when Eric was working in Las Vegas, I had to amuse myself for a week while he was in meetings.
You guessed it. I found my way to the LV Hilton.  Here.
And look where I ended up.
Startrek_2 I think I have to differentiate. I am an "old school" fan.
Particularly of Spock.  >:-I
But... Lt. LaForge is starting to grow on me.  ]-)

Maybe I am a Trekkie, after all.

Live Long and Prosper!