On the 7th day...

P2040740The kids finished up Saturday with an outstanding performance of "Seussical."  Not just my kids, but the entire cast. They were worth all the hours we parents invested to let them have their moment in the spotlight. Speaking for myself, though, between designing programs and costumes and sewing and rehearsals, I spent way too much time without stopping to eat properly, or exercise or even rest.

Jonathan, as the Grinch, was absolutely delightful.

And Lucy is basking in some well-deserved praise for her Gertrude McFuzz. She really did steal the show as she had planned.  (soo proud - I will upload pictures tomorrow)
She came home and immediately put all her wishing you well "telegrams" on her bulletin board. And her flowers in a vase on her dresser.
the insecurity and emotions all hit and there were tears and the "how did I really do?' questions.

Of course, Lucy was calm as a cucumber (blush, blush). 

I confess.
I know that I can be so fragile at times.
But it still surprises me when I am.
And that is just plain vanity.

In the book of Genesis, when God saw that all that he had P2040747_1created was good, he rested.

It took an exhausted 11 year old on a warm trampoline to remind me of what the 7th day is supposed to be about.

So I worked really hard at resting today.

And it was GOOD. ;-)