Nuclear power

When Adam was a toddler, he picked up the nickname "Adam Bomb."
He was kind of a big, cuddly, brute of a toddler and the name fit.
He was an amazing phenomenon....just like the atom.
If atoms are so small, I've often wondered, how can they release the kind of energy needed to create a nuclear explosion?
I wondered the same thing as I was attempting to raise this kid. (I feel a little tired just thinking about it...)
Adam bomb005
Adam still has that kind of nuclear energy about him, only today my big, cuddly baby boy turns twenty-two.

And he's still..... Da Bomb!  ;-)
Happy Birthday, Monkey Boy....and many more!

(Yes, as a matter of fact, Adam and Helen del do share a birthday today. As a matter of fact, it's my hairdresser, Kate's birthday today too.... Happy Birthday, Kate!)