Mother's Day Without Mom

The following post has been brought to you by none other than Kikita the Awesome.

As you well know, Mami & Co. are touring Washington DC and Adam and I couldn't join the trip this time around. This means we have been left to our own devices and sometimes our devices can be rather silly.

Adam & me

Now, I'll be the first to to admit that Mami has "got it going on." (I daresay she wrote the book!)
She is the epitome of coolness.
What you may have only caught glimpses of, though, is that (in her infinite coolness) she has a total geek side. You may have guessed this from how much we love Lord of the Rings. (Or simply by her constantly stating that she is an "uber-geek.")

But then, LOTR IS pretty cool, so it may not count as geeky enough.

Well, there's more. Mami is also very into old school Star Trek. Any one of us kids could tell you that her favorite Star Trek film is "The Wrath of Khan" and that she always cries at the same part:

She loves Star Trek so much, that there was a time when I happened to be in Vegas during a Trekkie Convention and Mami was hoping I'd not only go, but bring her something back. (Regretfully, I didn't make it that far down the Strip on that trip.)

Of course you know where this is going. Since Mami was gone, Adam and I decided to do what we probably would have done with her for Mother's Day. We went to the movies.


Having been raised as Trekkies, Adam and I sat in the theater thinking "Wow! there are so many references to Mom's favorite movie!"

Too bad she couldn't be there. She would have loved it. I know that now you're probably thinking to yourself, "But Kikita, why didn't you just wait for her to go see it?"

Bueno, because "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few . . . or the one" (even if that "one" is Mami. =D)

Besides, if she wants us to take her to see it for her upcoming birthday, that can be arranged. ;-)

We love you, Mom!

Amy adam kissy faces