Lookout Rachael Ray!

Kikita here.

I've got exciting news!

After weeks and weeks (and weeks) of pressure, Mami finally cracked!  She gave in and started working day and night on organizing a cookbook.  Yes, you read that correctly, MY BIG, FAT, CUBAN FAMILY COOKBOOK is now a reality.
(Lookout Rachael Ray!)


It's full color and just gorgeous.  No, it's not every single recipe she's posted at BabalΓΊ Blog, but it's 25 of the best and brightest and it's full of the colorful love and life that makes her recipes so special.

We will be bringing a few (soft cover) copies to sell at Cuba Nostalgia (and I'm sure we can peer pressure her into signing them too!) so you can get your copy there OR you can click on the link below and order yours TODAY!

A celebration of Cu...
By Marta M. Darby