It shouldn't be food - a rant.

Pc068699Yesterday I was in the grocery store with Lucy and we happened to cruise down the Asian food aisle.  We stopped and took notice. They have shrimp chips!
Did you catch that? SHRIMP! CHIPS! Not to mention some of the other brightly packaged
and indigestible looking snacks catering to whoever it is that find this appealing or even edible.

"That shouldn't be food," I thought.

I feel the same way about Jell-O. (warning: don't click on this link if you have a weak stomach!)
It just doesn't seem like it should be food to me.  No. Not even with Cool Whip. Not when there are so many other great things to eat in the world!

Like Cuban Food!!

I'm not intentionally wanting to sound bigoted and intolerant of other people's food preferences. But seriously... who doesn't like Cuban food???

But then...I wonder just how bizarre my own Cuban comfort food preferences must appear to the untrained eye.

For example:
I love plantains in ANY form. (what self-respecting Cuban doesn't??)  The BEST. Maduros, Tostones, Mofongo - KILLER!  Or guava? Jam, jelly or paste. Pastellitos de guayaba? I'm telling you.... THE BEST. And yes, you put both olives AND raisins into the Fricase de Pollo.  Just trust me on this. 

I can just hear Eric asking, "who eats yuca con mojo?"    Although, he does agree that pretty much anything "con mojo" is saved by the excess garlic. But he can't make himself enjoy the texture of my mom's incredible flan - this from the man who eats green Jell-O!

So I'm stressing today and I reach for my plantain chips. 
Eric comes in, points, and asks: "rough day, huh?"

"Yes. Would you like some?"

"No," he replies matter-of-factly. " It shouldn't be food."