I'm Baking With Betty (don't try to stop me!)

So, I'm in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I'll be here for a few days.

Where will I be spending my time, you ask?

I'll be in the BETTY CROCKER KITCHENS!!! (<--Yes, that was a noisy burst of nerdy enthusiasm.)

I'll be Baking With Betty. (Along with a group of bloggers also invited by General Mills, but that's not important right now....)

Baking with betty

I'm so excited about getting to cook and learn and play (!) in the kitchens. The Kitchens. (*insert angelic chorus here*)

Of course, I'll tell you all about it and take lots of pictures.

Hmm....I wonder if Betty knows about the perfection of Cuban tastiness that is my homemade pastelitos de guayaba?

I'll keep you posted. ;-)