How about you?

Marti_cheerYep. That's me. November of 1970. Junior Varsity Cheerleader at St. Bernard High School in Playa del Rey, California.
I was all heart and had tremendous spirit. (Go Vikings!)

Why am I remembering this today?
Because I realized this is me all over again. I realized that this is WHO I AM.
I'm still a cheerleader. 
I'm still the one with the boundless enthusiasm -" C''mon you guys!"
"you can do it!"

But instead of cheering the Vikings on to victory, it is my kids I am cheering to their own successes.

I am cheering for Lucy who had the courage to audition for the part of Gertrude McFuzz. And I am cheering for her as she confesses to me her plans to steal the show - "Go Lucy!"  ;-D
I am cheering for Jonathan who gets to be the Grinch with the swollen heart in Whoville.

I am cheering for Amy and her latin dance competition. (okay... I would make the costume if you asked nicely.)

I am cheering for Adam as he begins his EMT training.

And I'm cheering for Eric who is being wined and dined by Google in a few weeks
("Go Eric! Bring back the lovely Google parting gifts!")

So if you were to ask about me today, I would have to answer:

"I've got spirit. Yes I do..."

(Although I don't really wear my skirts that short anymore and I'm a little rusty on those splits.) =D