Fat Tuesday

Another fabulous post by Kikita

A few days ago, a box arrived at my home. And abuela was instantly excited. From the outside of the box, she and I both knew the glorious heaven that lay inside. And she reminded me about the game. About how there is a baby Jesus somewhere in the cake and whoever gets the piece with him in it has to buy the next cake.


BUT . . . there was more than just the "kingly" cake inside!


THERE WERE GOODIES!! Coffee, a cd, a magazine, Mardi Gras beads and a note:

I couldn't wait to see Sheila & her tree again . . . no, really. I couldn't.

In fact, I didn't.

I took the cake to work and had it for breakfast, lunch, tea, or any other time I felt like having it.


So, needless to say, I found the baby . . . and I may consider sending away for another cake (to actually share with Sheila this time).


Today I had 3 pieces (I was determined to find Jesus). And find him I did!

Yes, feeling rather fat now. And it's Tuesday, so I guess it's appropriate. Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday. HA!

Well, what can I say?

Laissez le bon temps rouler!!

(Oh yeah, and THANKS BILLY!!)