Egg, Nest and Tree

Amy here. I get to post again.  (buahaha...)

The show must go on!  And thanks to the Amazing Marta, it will.  Day one of dress rehearsals went fabulous and day two promises to go just as well, and if day two goes well, then the show should go well and if the show goes well the student's will have more self-esteem and if they have more self-esteem they will do better in life and become well-adjusted adults.  See?  Who needs pre-school?


Here is a taste of the long awaited cast pictures! All done by the Amazing Marta. (meaning that not only did she make the costumes, she photographed them too!)


There she is!  The Amazing Marta's beautiful and talented daughter Lucy as Ms. Gertrude McFuzz.


This is one of the last scenes, where the egg in the nest in the tree that Horton the Elephant has been sitting on hatches.

Obviously seeing these pictures would make anyone want to hire the Amazing Marta to do their costumes.   I know I would.  Maybe for my upcoming dance showcase which has a 50's them she will make me a poodle skirt . . . and then I will do better in life and become a well-adjusted adult too!