Easily entertained...

Pa237260 I know this is going to sound shallow, but I went to Disneyland last night to have dinner and see the decorations.... WITHOUT MY KIDS.  I know. I know. I was raised Catholic and I don't know who did it, but I know someone declared this to be a Mortal Sin.  (I can see myself writing: "I will not feel guilty" - 100 times on the board)

I took my niece, Helen (my Disneyland Buddy). She and I ate Monte Cristo sandwiches at the Cafe Orleans. We strolled through the shops. We made the mandatory stop at the Candy Palace (what a regal name!) on Main St.  We had her Ben in the stroller and boy, did we stroll!

Of course, I had my camera with me. I took pictures of the flowers - I always do this. It is one of the reasons we have year-round passes.  It's so great to just enjoy how beautiful and amazing the design of the place is.  The decorations. The engineering. All of it. 

And the giant Mickey Pumpkin has a light inside that flickers! As if it were lit by a candle! Just amazing!! (See. I am sooo easy to entertain!)

My kids totally get this about me.  There are times I must just "Be." It's important to me that they grow up to be decent human beings as opposed to human doings.  And that it's okay, especially at a place like Disneyland with so much external stimulation, to just enjoy Being There.

Pa237287 For the record: my kids were fine with me going to Disneyland without them...

"Have a great time, Mom. Don't forget your camera!"