Cuban guys can COOK - part 2

My very first post, which I wrote on October 1st, 2006 was titled Life on the Hyphen

That also happens to be the title of a wonderful book by one of my very favorite authors: Gustavo Pérez Firmat. In fact, if you look over to the right you'll find a couple of his books under Smart Cuban Authors.  Seriously. He's just brilliant.

So imagine my surprise and delight to find that he and his lovely American wife, Mary Anne often come over here to visit My Big, Fat, Cuban Family and are cooking Cuban food using......wait for it.....

My Big, Fat, Cuban Family Cookbook(I know. Shut up.)

Gustavo perez-firmat
Gustavo and Mary Anne Pérez Firmat enjoy pastelitos made from my recipe. (shut up!)

Hi Marta,
Thank you  for your wonderful cookbook.  I've been cooking my way
through it.....I really like using the crockpot.  It saves so much
trouble and makes ropa vieja like a dream!....
Our best to you and all of your wonderful family for the holidays. 
You are an inspiration to me.

Mary Anne Perez Firmat

(emphasis mine - I thought it was ironic because he's an inspiration to me, but that's not important right now.)

Thanks, Gustavo and Mary Anne! As always, make yourselves at home here at MBFCF. My blog casa is your blog casa.

Can someone please get me some sandpaper?  (Pa' darme lija!)   ;-)