Bird Girls with Maracas

GertrudemcfuzzI received an email earlier today. The subject line read as follows:


I'm a little embarrassed to report that I didn't bat an eye when I read it. It makes perfect sense in the weird world I inhabit.  I'm in charge of costumes for the spring musical the kids are performing, Seussical the Musical.

As I re-read that subject line, I laughed out loud at how it would read to the casual observer.

Enter Eric, my Casual Observer.

Being a tech guy, he immediately questions the efficiency of my spam filter.

I had to explain that the maracas in question were indeed the Cuban percussion device. And the Bensons are a creative and generous family.  (Thanks, Kristen for those maracas!)

The look on his face was priceless. "Bird Girls with Maracas??"  He immediately assumed it was just some Cubanism. 

Then he just... Let. It. Go.  He is used to his wife getting involved in all sorts of bizarre creative endeavors.

If he were Cuban, he would probably be saying in his best Ricky Ricardo voice:
"Mira que tiene cosas esta mujer!"